A Winter’s Afternoon

It’s a very cold and chill outside, it’s an afternoon but feeling like early dawn. It’s my ideal winter weather just like I always want to enjoy. But if I had shown a little more courage, it would have more beautiful and enjoyable moment. I had planned a solo bicycle ride. And I was very excited for it when I went to bed. I had planned route-map, saved them into my cell phone as I don’t have GPS. And I was very sure that I’ll wake up at 6:00 am and start movement around 7:00. But I couldn’t dare to leave my warm quilt and missed those moments of chilled morning thrill. It was not only a ride; there were something special about it. I was going to meet some old bastards who were with me through all the horrible days of IIIT. But this wasn’t the special fact at all. I was excited because it was supposed to be my first 100+ K.M. ride. And I wanted to show those bitches my super sexy MTB. It would have been a great fun going all alone from Gurgaon to Ghaziabad on two wheels in the Icy cold freezing morning of January. Peddling in that much cold morning, doesn’t seem enjoyable to many of us, But I am the exceptional December born, son of a winter, for me it’s the best way of meeting happiness. I love this heart breaking cold and sharp wind which makes people shivering like hell.

It’s all about what I missed today, if I had not sucked at getting up early in the morning. Consequently It’s 12 in the afternoon and I am at Dwarka Sector-9 Metro station right now. Waiting for the metro destined towards Vaishali which will take me to those Fuckers. But now I am getting a sense that it’s not that bad either. I can enjoy the cold breeze while waiting here, a dark foggy environment, looking at the people who are fully packed in their woolens, still complaining about the winter. They are very uncomfortable because of cold. I don’t know why people get annoyed so much while it happens every year at the same time. Any ways I can’t change their perspective towards it. They complain even when there is summer and rain. No weather suits them. Everything is so beautiful and more over the sound of airplanes taking off and landing on IGIA is adding a great background Music to the scene. Oh man! I am so full of thoughts.

I can see that metro is approaching, so I’ll have to stop writing. This afternoon doesn’t feel like an afternoon at all. It’s like beginning of new day. I wish it’s going to be a great afternoon.


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