Another Bucket of Water in the Sea

Once again I have started a blog but with a different theme unlike my previous blog which was completely based on my Hindi Poetries. (If interested, This is the link). It seems easy but a good blogging requires a lot of effort, a continuous flow of wonderful thoughts and significant vocabulary to describe all your thoughts which can be understood by readers. I didn’t want this second attempt of mine to get ruined just because of the lack of good ideas or writer’s block. To avoid all the glitches I started to learn how to write a good blog. I visited so many blogs, read so many posts written by so many good authors. This world of internet is full of so many writers, and something inside me wants to read all of them which are impossible. It’s like an ocean, full of posts and I am the sea diver who wants to experience the whole of the ocean. I am feeling like I am lost I the sea. I started with one blog and got reference to other and so on. And damn, all of them are pretty good. I wasn’t aware that I am surrounded by so many good writers. And I am sure there are many others who also don’t know except published author. But one thing I couldn’t understand why there is only few bloggers who get recognition and others just try to feed their hunger of writing.

After reading many of them I realized that I am just another bucket of water in the ocean which no one can extract until I have some different color or characteristics.

Any ways….


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