Mysterious Happiness-II

Mysterious Happiness-I continued…

She didn’t say anything just smiled. and I guess that’s all I needed. A most awaited chance.

And she started walking without saying anything and I followed her. I put my hands into my pockets and started taking steps behind her. There was a tempting silence which was communicating on behalf of us. She was listening to it and I was feeling that. It’s like both of us were talking without saying any word.

We had hardly gone 5-6 meters, when she stopped and turned back to me and broke the ice.

“Why do you want me to stay?” She asked, although she tried her best to look as serious as possible, but I read her internal happiness through her eyes.

I can bet she has most talkative and readable eyes in the universe.

I certainly don’t know what was enlightening me that I was able read her mind. Which was never happened before. I had often heard, “The girls can never be understood.” But today I realized that you got to be meet the right girl and when you meet her you’ll understand every bit of her more than she understands herself.

“I just don’t know. It just came out of my mind all of sudden. Seeing you going away, I felt like my life is going away, I felt like someone is stopping me from breathing. And I just don’t want to die today.” I answered but I didn’t have any idea what the shit I have vomited. I was like Bhai hosh me to hai na, kya bakwas kiye ja raha hai. And then again my heart defended me, “Saala pahli bar to kuch bol raha hai, karne de bakwas. One more idiot is falling in Love.”

“Ek baat kahu. You are still not thinking what you are saying.” She responded with a smile and I smiled back.

“What if I don’t stay”, she asked as if she wanted to pull my legs.

“I know that you’ll stay.” I answered so firmly without giving her any chance to pull them.

“How are you so sure? Aren’t you overconfident?” she threw another question.

“For the first time in life I am having this much of confidence on any girl. You would have gone if you wanted to.” And I guess, this answer made her speechless for a moment.

She closed her lips to hide her smile but her sparkling eyes were saying that she was flattered and wondering what to say now. On her expressions my heart patted my back and said, “Good one bro, thoda aur raita faila le.”

And she started moving back towards the bench.

“OK, now when I am staying just answer me what if I don’t stay?”

“In that case I would have been following you as far as possible and would have been trying to save my life.” I said.

“Are you showing this kind of symptoms of mental illness from childhood or you have just started showing?” she asked and burst into laugh and took place on the bench.

She turned towards me, her right leg was on her left leg and hands were moving randomly in the air. And I, too tried to sit on the same spot where I had left because rest of the bench was wet due to fog. And somehow I managed.

“Sometimes it’s good to be mad for something and get crazy for something.” I answered with all the confidence I had.

“Oh my god Rohan, I haven’t expected such an answer from you. Nice!” she said and took a pause and further said, “Although you look like an idiot, but you are not.” And again fall into laughter and started moving her hands, trying to control her laugh.

I was already in love with her and above all her laughter made me mad in her love. While laughing she was looking more beautiful and I again got struck into her beauty and lost my consciousness. She was laughing and I was staring.

Then suddenly I asked her, “Does your Birthday fall into 30th Feb?”

“Why?” she asked in return.

“Because, even god needs 4 years of time to create such a masterpiece of beauty like you.” This was something which came from my heart.

“Enough of flirting Rohan, I am already flattered.”

Her inevitable smile and rolling eyes were showing that these lines touched her heart in some way. But she was trying to pretend.

“By d way, to how many girls you have tried these lines?”

“Although this is my first try but I had learned these lines long before. My friend had told me these lines with a suggestion that Jaha Mauka Mile Chapka Dena.” I said and we both started laughing.

After a momentary silence I said,” Thanks for staying, Ananya!”

“Don’t say thanks Rohan, It’s my pleasure to meet you. I really don’t know who are you but right now you seems to be very nice and I wish you are always nice.” This time she said with all the sincerity of the world.

“It’s very rare when some stranger makes you feel so happy and special.” She further added.

“Ananya, are we really strangers? Because I am feeling like I know you from so long.” I tried to change gears into serious mode but she drove it to another gear.

“I knew that you are mental.” She said and started laughing again.

But this time, her laughter was different. She was laughing like its been long time since she last laughed this much.

And yes, I was damn right, in a moment her laughter was taking a U-turn and her eyes started showing different emotion.

As soon as i asked, “Ananya, are you alright?” she started weeping.

She tried hard to wipe out her tears.

To Be Continued…..


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