A long ride to Qutub Minar and India Gate

This morning again, i didn’t want to wake up, i wanted to sleep more just like every day. But there was a voice inside my head which kept on reminding me that its Saturday morning, get up and make your day special. you have whole day in front of you, just do something good and then there was one more voice which was trying to contradict this voice by saying, ‘its Saturday morning, why the hell do you want to get up? you have whole day to sleep.’ And this battle between both the voices kept on until i finally got up. It was too early for me. It was 8 in the morning. yeah! you heard it right it’s early morning otherwise i usually get up at 12 at afternoon when its one hour left for my office. it was Saturday, no more office today. Good reason to sleep even more. But in spite of all these excuses ‘Get-Up’ voice won the battle and i was awake. But there was one big question, “What to do now?”. its a very bad question for all who wants to get up early but don’t know what to do after getting up and they never get the answer, so they fall asleep again. Same scene happens with me as well everyday. But today i dared to get up without the answer. I started thinking for the answers. And miracle happened the Stupid voice came again as answer, “Bicycle service is due.”

“What? Bicycle service! are you insane. I never heard of that.”

I know you would have same thought but my mountain bike needs service. Yeah! and i am really crazy for it. “Service was due.” The answer was right but i tried to skip that again. and i was not convinced by this answer and wanted to sleep again. But my voice didn’t let me sleep and finally i left the house with wallet and bill and of course my bike. It was almost 9 when i started riding. It was beautiful morning with awesome weather. The chilly wind was making the ride more thrilling. I had to ride for almost 13 K.M. till Ghitorni Bicycle Shop, and i reached there by 9:30 am which was a pretty decent time.

Fuck, The shop was closed. I stood there for couple of moments and cursed ‘what a bad day.’ Then I asked a nearby food stall vendor about the shop when will it open. He said at 11. It was one and a half hour to 11, and waiting there was of course not a good idea and going back was not good idea either. So I thought to go to Qutub Minar and it was another 10 K.M. ride. It felt exciting. And it was going to be a great decision that I took this morning.  I reached there by 5 min to 10 am. It was a very good feeling not because I was at Qutub Minar, but because of my first long Cycle ride.

The surroundings were very good at Qutub Minar, its a very calm and serene place with lots of greenery. there were a lot of foreigner tourists who had come from different parts of the world to witness the one of the greatest piece of Architectures in the world. A lot of schools chose this day for picnic for their kids.  There were so many children in school uniform trying to enter in the premises and their teachers were yelling at them to maintain the Que that made me remember my school teachers in my school.  I was standing near a que and trying to take some pics of the sight when i heard some kids were talking about my bike, “Kya cycle hai Yaar, Gears bhi hai isme.” and this little cute voice was making me feel more happy.

Qutub Minar 1

Qutub Minar 2

I stayed there for almost 20 minutes when i thought to go back and I started to ride again. But something else was going on my mind and I stopped by a Paan Shop and asked him, “Can you please tell me the way to New Delhi?”

“Take right from next red light, and kept on moving straight till you reach India Gate.” He was speaking but I interrupted him in between. “That’s where i have to go. How far is it?”
“Dur hai Bhai sahab,”
“15 K. M. to hoga hi”
“Bas utna hi!!” and he smiled back at me.

I was filled with enthusiasm again. I had another target for the day. Its feel so great when you exceed your expectations and push your self to do more. 

With great zeal, I started riding again and my next stop was India Gate. The road from Qutub Minar to India Gate is too great, only traffic could create problems but roads are definitely enjoyable. I was in no hurry to reach there because I felt that I had whole Saturday, then I understood what was my mind trying to say in the morning. As soon as I was reaching towards India gate, the roads were becoming more enjoyable. I was lost in the journey. I took two halts in the way one at the fruit shop to take some Bananas and another at the Juice stall to had some Juice to keep myself hydrated, although it was cold but I was sweating and my butts were hurting . I had to ask for route for couple of times and then I finally reached the ‘Great India Gate’. This is the place where you go anytime you’ll feel the heat of patriotism. This special sensation could not be feel by any other countrymen, it comes naturally. No body teaches you this.

I was there for the third or the fourth time but this time was most special. I had reached there by myself by my own manual efforts and surprisingly i was not feeling tired at all except my butts and that was because of my uncomfortable seat. But i could ride more and I had to go back to whole way but I wanted to stay there for as long as possible.

I took some pictures there as well and started my Journey back. In my way back I stopped by the cycle shop for bike service.

Dilli Haat-1

Safdarganj Tomb

Safdarganj Airport

I came back by 2:20 in the afternoon and i was damn happy, I definitely made the day. I was too confidant after riding for almost 80 KM to and fro even without getting tired. I just need a padded saddle cover to make my future rides more comfortable in long route because next time its definitely going to be longer.

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