Human Mind: Source of unlimited Energy

My recent experiences have changed my perception about human stamina. We often say that we don’t have enough stamina to perform certain task. Sometimes we do push our mind to a certain extent but then we stop pushing. Have we ever tried to go beyond that limit? Perhaps not. Some people do try to go beyond their limits and we call them as ‘Extra Ordinary People’. But no, no one is extraordinary from birth, they become extra ordinary from their actions. They train their mind to perform extraordinary things. And the best thing is anyone can train their own mind to perform extraordinary things. You just gotta be believe into that.

Our mind is the most powerful thing in this universe, we just don’t realize that. And that’s what our Ancient Vedas and other literature says. It has infinite power that we often try to achieve through yoga and meditation. Our mind, like a bamboo tree needs to cultivated and it takes a lot of efforts and the time.

Bamboo tree, When this particular seed is planted, watered and nurtured, for years it doesn’t outwardly grow as much as an inch.  Nothing happens for the first year.  There’s no sign of growth.  Not even a hint.  The same thing happens – or doesn’t happen – the second year.  And then the third year.  The tree is carefully watered and fertilized each year, but nothing shows.  No growth.  No anything.  So it goes as the sun rises and sets for four solid years.  The person who planted that tree have nothing tangible to show for his labor or effort.  Then, along comes year five.  After five years of fertilizing and watering have passed, with nothing to show for it – the bamboo tree suddenly sprouts and grows eighty feet in just SIX WEEKS!

Our mind needs fertilization and nurture in same way. And that’s right that at certain point of time in life we all try to do that but we leave the process and hope in the middle without knowing the fact that roots are still growing inside. And we get nothing in return. Cultivation needs constant efforts.

We always carry a spare tire when we are driving but how often do we use that, very rare. Likewise all of us have the same power bank in mind but we never try to open that reserved spare source of energy, because we are not aware of that. Sometimes we do need that and use that and then we think ‘OK that’s all we had’. But unlike our vehicle which has only one spare tire, In our mind we have infinite source of spare energy, we just need to ignite our mind. Through using it more and more, by putting our mind in challenging situations again and again.

Few weeks back i trekked to the Kailash Mountain in the Himalayas. Before starting the journey i didn’t have any idea how this was going to be and also i didn’t try to gather any information, because i wanted to be open minded, open to digest all sort of experiences. I started trekking with lots of energy and enthusiasm. After few hundred meters the trekking became so steep that i couldn’t even reach to the half way and i began to feel exhausted but i kept on pushing myself. So many times i thought of quitting and going back but i kept on taking steps one after another. With each step i would ask my brain to take another one. At last after more than 10 hours of continuous effort i was at the top. But fully exhausted. I had used all of my reserved energy. As far as i knew my brain. it had no more power left, my feet were not able to take another step. whole body was having a lot of body ache. But i had to get down all the way through. I didn’t know how would i do that. So again i asked my mind if it had anything else left so that i could get down. My mind replied, ‘I don’t know as long as you need i can provide energy for your next step.’ I thought OK, lets begin with one step. So i did and came down in 8 hours. In way i would stop after every few meters and would convince my mind that just few more steps to go. I could not even count my stops, but eventually after all the pain i made it to the bottom.

When i reached to bottom, I was all broke. I just sat down at that place for more than an hour. I was not even able to move my ankle, it was so painful. I was still sitting there when i heard that a rock fall down on a near by car. Everyone screamed to run, It was landsliding. I got so panicked and didn’t know what to do and started running. after running slightly less than a kilometer i realized that a moment ago, i wasn’t even able to move my ankle and now i ran almost a kilometer without realizing any pain. The moment i stopped, i started feeling pain again. But what happened in those few minutes when i was running to save my life. From where i got all that energy? Where was my pain at that time? What made me run that long?

It was my mind who released all of its hidden power bank to save my life, which i would have never known if there were no landsliding. That moment made me realized that ‘Everything is inside Mind’. We just need to figure out what we are asking to come out. If we ask extreme strength and stamina, Mind will give that too. The more we ask, the more we will get. We just need to keep asking.

Ask your mind to reveal the extreme power, by putting yourself in challenges, It will start growing inside, and keep patience, one day it will become very powerful like a bamboo tree.


“Author is open to listen to your thoughts/comments/feedback. Do let me know if someone is disagree at any point”


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