If you, as a reader reading this page then you must be curious to know about this blog. I don’t know what bring you here but I’ll be more than happy to know If you got anything interesting in this blog. And that’s my sole purpose.

I believe everyone in this world got some kind of intuition that guides them every-time. And sometimes intuition becomes very power full that one begins to observe and learn from every single incident of their life. And in my opinion that’s called enlightenment.

This blog is just the expression of my thoughts, vision and important lessons which I learn every day. I just want to share everything with the external world.

Now the question is why this weird name. Turtle means ‘Kachhua’ in Hindi, I know you already know this. In college it was my nick name and credit goes to my roomies (I can kill both of them for this.). Because I was always a latecomer in the class and I used to walk faster then everyone, they rewarded me with this name. But somehow I realized this is the name which characterize my qualities. I have patience like a turtle and I can consistently walk for so long for the sake of winning. Like turtle’s back, my believes are so strong that no one can hurt them. And therefore the name comes. Turtle+Tales=Turtales. The tales from a Turtle.

Now if you are on this paragraph then you are really want to know more about this blog and more about me. To know more about this blog please read some posts and so far as I am concerned, kept on reading this shit.

I write this blog with the pen name as John Frenchmen and I am just a common Indian Engineer who wants to feed his ambitious hunger. For me Life is a journey, which starts with your birth and end with your death. Every moment in between, we travel, even we are sitting on the same place as our thoughts keep on moving.


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  1. Very inspiring 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your writing 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment.

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